Azerbaycan Şarkıları (Skruk Korosu & Brilliant & Ilgar Muradov)

  1. Skruk & Brilliant Dadashova - Sarı Gelin 
  2. Skruk & Galip Mammadov - La Den Brenne
  3. Skruk & Brilliant Dadashova - Lay Lay
  4. Skruk & Ilgar Muradov - Ömrümün İsteği
  5. Skruk - Laçin
  6. Skruk & Ilgar Muradov - Bana Bana Gel
  7. Skruk & Ilqar Muradov - Ay Beri Bak


Albüm Hakkında

İki farklı kültürü ve iki farklı müzik geleneğini buluşturan “Azerbaycan Şarkıları-Musik fra Aserbajdsjan” adlı albüm, Norveç’ in ünlü korosu Skruk ile Azerbaycan’ın tanınmış müzisyenleri Brilliant Dadaşova ve Ilgar Muradov’a bir araya gelerek hazırlandı. Albüm Azerbaycanın sevilen ezgilerini farklı ve modern bir düzenle ile yeniden derliyor.

Azerilerin ‘‘Mugam’’ müziğiyle Norveç müziği arasındaki benzerliğe dikkat çeken çalışmanın mimarlarından Galip Memedov, bu yakınlığı fark edip hayata geçiriyor. Skruk Korosu’nun getirdiği albüm önerisi sonrasında orkestra oluşturulup ve ilk olarak Bakü, Şeki ve Gence’de konserler veriliyor. Azerbaycan’ın sevilen şarkıcıları Brillant ve Ilgar Muradov ile Norveç’in ünlü Skruk Korosu’nun dinleyen herkesi şaşırtan çalışması, ilk olarak 1998 yılında ‘‘Musik Fra Aserbajdsjan’’ ismiyle tüm dünyada yayınlandı. Galip Memedov’un düzenlemelerini yaptığı ‘‘Azerbaycan Şarkıları’’, yüzlerce Azeri türküsü arasından seçilen 11 eserden oluşuyor. Otantik sazlarla kaydedilen çalışmada yer alan Azeri şarkıcılarla, 45 koristlik Skruk Korosu’nu Per Oddvar Hildre yönetti.

Brilliant Dadaşova

Brilliant Suleyman qizi Dadashova (Azerbaijani: Brilliant Dadaşova) (born 15 September 1959, Baku) is an Azerbaijani pop singer.Brilliant Dadashova was born into a family of six children. Her mother Gizkhanim Dadashova was a famous accordion player who died in a car accident in 1966. Brilliant Dadashova's older sisters also pursued careers in music.

Dadashova first appeared on stage in 1983 with the songs of famous Azeri composer Eldar Mansurov. In 1985 she participated in the annual International Youth Festival in Moscow. Two years later, she won the prestigious All-Union Pop Singers Contest, a singing competition among representatives of the republics of the Soviet Union. In 1990, she graduated from the Azerbaijan National Culture and Arts Institute and became one of Azerbaijan's most successful female singers. She is one of the few pop singers in Azerbaijan, who has given numerous concerts outside of her home country. Dadashova's concert venues included the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Russia, and Turkey.

In 1995, her song Züleyha hit the top 10 in Russian charts.[1] In 1997, Dadashova was among the musicians who participated in the recording of the album Landet vi kommer fra ("The Land We Came From"; released by Kirkelig Kulturverksted in Norway), which included Azeri folk songs sung in Azeri and Norwegian by the Azerbaijani soloists and the Norwegian choir SKRUK.[2] In 1999, Brilliant Dadashova was elected to the Baku City Council. From 2001 to 2006 she hosted her own prime time talk-show Gözəllik dünyanı xilas edəcək ("Beauty will save the world") on Azerbaijan's Space TV.

In 2004, her song Vokaliz (a 2001 vocal improvisation of the Azeri folk dance tunes Meydan and Baki, as well as Vagif Garayzadeh's Novruzu musical composition) became an issue of controversy after allegedly having been performed by the Armenian singer Varduhi Vardanyan (†2006) who was accused of violating copyright.[3] Vardanyan vehemently denied the accusations and claimed that the song is a traditional Armenian folk song.[4] Since September 2006, Brilliant Dadashova has been actively involved in the Akademiya TV-project (the Azerbaijani version of Star Academy) aimed at professional musical training of talented youths and preparing them for the big stage. During her career, Brilliant released 7 albums. Her last one called Saninlayam ("I'm with You"), was released in September 2002, and was dedicated to the memory of composer Rafig Babayev. Her another studio album Masal Dunyam was released in Azerbaijan and Turkey in August 2008.

Brilliant Dadashova is married to stage actor Adalat Hajiyev and has a son. In March 2011, she announced that she had filed for divorce due to a long-term complicated relationship.

Ilgar Mammadov

Ilgar Mammadov (Azerbaijani: İlqar Məmmədov) (born June 14, 1970) is an Azerbaijani politician based in Baku, Azerbaijan. He is known for his views and initiatives that reflect knowledge and perceptions of the new generation of Azerbaijani public opinion leaders.


Mammadov graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1993 and Central European University in Budapest in 1997. Majored in political science, and political economy, respectively.

Political Career

Currently Mamamdov is co-chairing the Republicanist Alternative (REAL) Movement, established on 25 December 2008. REAL's platform is based on the agenda of Republicanism as opposed to de-facto monarchic governance in Azerbaijan. In addition, he sits on two advisory boards - Revenue Watch Institute,[3] and the US German Marshal Fund's Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation.

Mammadov's previous political affiliation was with the National Independence Party where he served as Deputy Chairman between 1998 and 2003. The National Independence Party was a center-right party – member of the International Democrat Union alongside with French UMP, German CDU, British Conservatives, and others. He left the party in 2003 due to growing policy disagreements.

Mammadov is a regular contributor to leading Azerbaijani media and international conferences on politics, democratization, geopolitics, and conflict resolution. His blog [5] was the first political online diary in the country.

However, he was banned from TV and radio after his 19 March 2009 Republicanist speech[6] on ANS TV live air. He protested then the substance and the conduct of the 18 March 2009 referendum that permitted president to be elected unlimited times to the office.

Skruk Choir 

Skruk is a well-known choir in Norway, having toured all over the country for more than 35 years with its conductor, Per Oddvar Hildre.

The choir have released more than 20 records[1], and have performed on several continents.

Skruk have a varied repertoire, influenced by Norwegian folk music, spirituals, world music, and jazz, and have collaborated with many musicians, including Tord Gustavsen, Henning Sommerro, and Brilliant Dadashova.



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