Nebraska Soundtrack (Film Müzikleri)

  1. Nebraska Bonus Finale - 01 Green Green Grass Of Home
  2. Nebraska - 02 Thier Pie (Hawhtorne Version)
  3. Nebraska - 03 The Old House
  4. Nebraska - 04 Magna Carta
  5. Nebraska - 05 Inmigration
  6. Nebraska - 06 Guitar Twenty Eight
  7. Nebraska - 07 Night of the Skeptic
  8. Nebraska - 08 Seanson
  9. Nebraska - 09 The Ambush
  10. Nebraska - 10 The old Comperssor Escape
  11. Nebraska - 11 Diminished Capacity
  12. Nebraska - 12 Bill
  13. Nebraska - 13 Magna Carta (Bernie Bowen Version)
  14. Nebraska - 14 To The Levee
  15. Nebraska - 15 Gossip Brownie's Pie
  16. Nebraska - 16 Herbert's Story
  17. Nebraska - 17 New West
  18. Nebraska - 18 Their Pie

About Nebraska

Nebraska is a 2013 American comedy-drama road film directed by Alexander Payne and written by Bob Nelson, It stars Bruce Dern, Will Forte, June Squibb, and Bob Odenkirk. The film was nominated for the Palme d'Or at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, where Bruce Dern won the Best Actor Award. It was also nominated for six Academy Awards; Best Picture, Best Director for Payne, Best Actor for Dern, Best Supporting Actressfor Squibb, Best Original Screenplay for Nelson, and Best Cinematography for Papamichael.

In Billings, Montana, Woody Grant (Bruce Dern) is found walking in traffic and stopped by a police officer. He is picked up by his son, David (Will Forte), who learns that Woody wants to go to Lincoln, Nebraska to collect a $1 million sweepstakes prize he has won. When David sees the sweepstakes letter, he realizes that it is a mail scam to make a person purchase magazine subscriptions. He returns Woody to his home, where David's mother Kate (June Squibb) becomes annoyed by Woody insisting on collecting his money. This happens again with David being disrupted at his job as a stereo salesman. He and his brother Ross (Bob Odenkirk), a local news anchor, discuss putting Woody in a retirement home. David is paid a visit by ex-girlfriend Noel (Missy Doty), who is returning his things, refusing to move back in. Their conversation is cut short by a call from David's mother reporting that his father has left yet again. David retrieves Woody and decides to drive him to Lincoln, much to Kate's dismay.

While in Rapid City, South Dakota, Woody goes on a drinking bender and returns to their motel room and falls, hitting his head. David takes him to the hospital for stitches where they realize Woody has lost his dentures. They retrace Woody's steps and find them. While Woody was in the hospital, David notified their family that they would be passing through Woody's hometown of Hawthorne, Nebraska and plans were made to stay the night with them. Woody is against the idea.

The following day, they arrive in Hawthorne and stay with Woody's brother Ray (Rance Howard) and his family. Woody and David visit a mechanic shop Woody once owned and then a local bar. When David brings up Woody's alcoholism and problems within the family-with Woody implying that he did not love his wife nor really want children—they get into an argument. In another bar, they encounter Woody's old business partner, Ed Pegram (Stacy Keach), whom the family blames for stealing Woody's air compressor decades ago. Against David's recommendation, Woody mentions winning the money and the customers of the bar give him a toast. The next morning, they learn that the news has spread through the town.

Kate arrives in Hawthorne by bus and David takes her and Woody to the cemetery for Kate to pay respects while providing some colorful history on Woody's relatives and their behavior. That night, while out to dinner with Woody and Kate, David is approached by Ed in the bathroom about some money Ed loaned Woody years ago that hasn't been repaid and threatens legal action. David meets a local newspaper owner who had been planning a story on Woody to tell her the truth about the "sweepstakes." He discovers that she is an ex-girlfriend of his father and learns a little more about his dad, including how he was affected when he came back from the Korean War.

The rest of Woody's family, including Ross, come to visit him. Woody's nephews, Cole and Bart (Devin Ratray and Tim Driscoll), and others approach David and Ross about getting money that they believe Woody owed them. A fight begins, ending abruptly with Kate calling out the relatives for unpaid debts they owe. David, Kate, Ross and Woody tour Woody's childhood home, which has fallen into disarray and neglect. They drive past a house Kate says is Ed's, so David and Ross elect to steal back the air compressor. However, Kate comes to realize that the house actually belongs to another couple, whom Kate distracts when they arrive home.

At the bar, Ed, in the midst of asking Woody for the money, reveals that Woody cheated on Kate before David's birth. When leaving the bar, they are attacked by a masked Bart and Cole, who steal the sweepstakes letter and take off. When David confronts them, they say they threw it away after finding out there was no prize money. David and Woody go searching for it. Ed has it and is reading it to the bar customers, attempting to humiliate Woody. After his dad takes the letter back and goes back outside, David punches Ed out.

Woody has repeatedly said he wants to buy a truck with the money. He cannot drive anymore, but Woody tells his son that he also wants to leave something for his family when he passes. David says that they aren't going to Lincoln, at which point Woody collapses. David takes him to the hospital. In the middle of the night, Woody abruptly leaves and starts walking, so David again agrees to drive Woody to Lincoln.

They arrive at the marketing agency to collect the money, where they discover that Woody did not win. His consolation gift is a hat that reads "Prize Winner". David goes to a car dealership and sells his car to buy Woody a truck along with a new air compressor. While driving back through Hawthorne, David lets Woody drive the truck down Locust Street for all to see. Among them is Woody's former flame who smiles at him, a perplexed Ed with a black eye, and his brother Albert. Woody waves goodbye and drives the truck out of town, then stops in the road and switches seats with David, who drives them home.


Bruce Dern as Woodrow T. "Woody" Grant
Will Forte as David Grant, Woody's youngest son
June Squibb as Kate Grant, Woody's wife, mother of Ross and David
Bob Odenkirk as Ross Grant, Woody's oldest son
Stacy Keach as Ed Pegram, Woody's old business partner
Mary Louise Wilson as Aunt Martha, Woody's sister-in-law
Missy Doty as Noel, David's girlfriend
Angela McEwan as Pegy Nagy, a former girlfriend of Woody's
Rance Howard as Uncle Ray, one of Woody's brothers
Devin Ratray as Cole, one of Woody's nephews
Tim Driscoll as Bart, one of Woody's nephews
Roger Stuckwisch as Karaoke Singer
Sherry Ristow as Karaoke Singer
Melinda Simonsen as the Receptionist in the contest office in Lincoln
Terry Kotrous as Sheriff
John Reynolds as Bernie Bowen


The film score to Nebraska was composed by Tin Hat member Mark Orton. The score also includes performances by other members of Tin Hat, providing the first time the three original members have reunited since 2005. A soundtrack album was released byMilan Records on November 19, 2013.


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