Atman (new age music)

  1. Atman - All is One
  2. Atman - Govinda
  3. Atman - Serpent power
  4. Atman - Path of love
  5. Atman - The Lonely Road
  6. Atman - Mountain Path
  7. Atman - Forest Vibrations
  8. Atman - Natural Landscapes
  9. Atman - Luminous Bliss
  10. Atman - Spirit
  11. Atman - Bliss
  12. Atman - I am
  13. Atman - The Key (TH Mix)
  14. Atman - Bliss (Chilled Mix)
  15. Atman - All is One (Vocoder Mix)
  16. Atman - Tabadap Atman in Town



About Atman

Polish experimental ethno-folk collective Atman was formed in 1981 by multi-instrumentalists Marek Styczynski, Marek Leszczynski and Piotr Koelcki, who remained the core of the group throughout its lengthy existence; other regular collaborators included vocalist Anna Nacher and Tomek Gulinski, as well as bassist Thomasz Radziuk. Forging an aesthetic they dubbed "forest music"  a sound created with acoustic instruments and Tibetan instruments  the members of Atman divided their time between performing and offering workshops in instrument building and forestry, finally releasing the cassette jak rozrzucone po ziemi kamienie on their own FLY (Freak Living Yourself) label in 1991. Cassettes including Soundreams and Gadajaca Laka followed before Atman made its American debut with the Drunken Fish EP Save the Earth;other efforts for the label include 1997's Personal Forest and 1999's Tradition.Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide.


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